Thursday, April 17, 2008

John, College Plus!, and South Korea....

...The days are counting down to a most exciting event that is about to happen! This coming Sunday, April 20, 2008 John embarks on a new phase in life, an adventure and challenge as he follows the Lord's leading and heads over to South Korea for 3 month to work and study under College Plus! From there he will continue his studies towards his bachelors degree down in San Antonio, Texas while working at the organizations head quarters. (Here is an article about College Plus! by Doug Philips.)

John first was introduced to College Plus at a conference in the Lapeer area during his senior year of high school. Before graduating, he took several CLEP tests and passed all of them giving him a total of 24 college credits. He gave his studies a rest last year while he worked for Grandscapes and waited for clearer direction from the Lord. At the start of this year, he read about the opportunity to do an internship with College Plus which would pay for the rest of his college education which he could complete in a years time. He applied, but didn't hear anything until 6 weeks ago. Things moved very fast from there; order passport, apply for visa, get airplane tickets, sell truck, find books to study, find luggage etc.

The Lord has blessed all along the way and everything has come in time. John will be leaving on Northwest Sunday at 3:30pm and arriving at Seoul Korea on Monday, at 9:45pm with an hour lay over in Tokeo, Japan. He will be working for Brad Voeler, the president of College Plus 30 hours a week, and studying about 20 hours. He will be living with a Christian Korean family while he is there. What an experience! He will be returning to Michigan on July 15. Follow his schedule carefully - leaving Seoul Tuesday, 11:00 am, leaving Tokeo, 3:30pm and arriving in Detroit, 1:30 pm on the same day. How's that for arriving before you leave?

Anyways, we are all excited (though at times it is sad to see him go) about what God is doing here and we give Him all the glory and praise! I am sure that John will covet your prayers for him as he travels, lives in a totally different environment and works and studies at the same time! As he keeps us updated on what he is doing over these next several months we will try to fill you in and keep this blog updated as we watch God's hand leading and guiding our family in this life of ministry that He has designed for us!

May our Lord bless you all!

The Sauve Family