Friday, December 10, 2010

Jewels, Gold and Fairy Feathers.

On a cold clear December morning, a tired young woman made fruitless efforts to get out of her warm snugly flannel sheets. For five minutes she tried her best to forget the animals outside that were waiting for her, then sullenly amidst groans and stretches, she scrambled out of bed.
Ten minutes later found her all bundled up with a scarf tied snugly around her head. With a pile of hay in one hand and a bucket of steaming water in the other, she opened the garage door and plunged into the cold world.

She turned her head towards the south east and caught her breath in wonder and awe. Her large gray blue eyes grew, and she stopped and stared. The sun was just awakening, and he was pouring all his light, like liquid gold, on a frosted world. Turning everything in his way, into myriads of crystals and diamonds.

Rising slowly, he cut a path through the frozen grass, making it sparkle and dance in his golden rays.

Even the most common things, like a pile of wood were turned into mines of jewels, winking and glimmering for all they were worth.

Walking on towards the goat pen, her eyes alighted on more and more objects of beauty. Even where the golden rays of the morning sun had not fallen, glorious creations of frost stood, showing a beauty more austere yet delicate.

Little frosty feathers lifted their icy heads from there resting place glistening with fun and good humor. The fair maiden stopped here and there to examine each new peace of God given wonder; her eyes caressing the beauty where fingers would damage. After feeding the goat she wandered out beyond the fenced domains of the yard to the pond. A radiant smile spread across her fancy loving features, as she gazed with fascination on the sight.

Frost had landed with such fury and glory upon the pond, that it looked to the damsel like a flock of fairies had alighted and when they departed they had left all their feathers behind.

The young lady tarried at the pond for a length of time, staring dreamily down at the frosty fairy feathers, marveling at their complexity and at their Creator. The general thought that He created the world was magnificent enough, but when you began to look at each individual creation, the result was mind staggering. Still trying to comprehend it, she turned around and another gasp was torn from her lips.

Shining through the large icy bush which stood in the yard, the sun created an effect that was indescribable. (therefore I, a poor author with a small source of words at my charge, will not attempt it)

Her mind overflowing with the glory that she had gazed on, she made her way back into the yard and listlessly walked over to check on the ducks, which were penned by their new small apple orchard. A final glorious sight caught her attention. Two beams of sunlight fell down and kissed the frozen leaves of a little apple tree. It was like a parting blessing, a promise, a gift from God! Overwhelmed with wonder at Gods blessings, the Fair Maiden returned to the house, a very blessed and humbled child.