Friday, April 23, 2010

Our new enterprise.

Well, we have a new addition to our ever growing farm. 101 new additions to be exact;). About 2 weeks ago we received a boxful of peeping fluff balls. These fluff balls make up Josiah's new business. Meat Chicken farming. Right now the chicken nuggets are residing in the garage but soon will be banished to the outback.

At first they were adorable and darling.

Everyone wanted to come see them and hold them, and the little nuggets were quite obliging.

How things do change! We just returned from a 3 day trip (that story is in the works) and were quite surprised at how much they had grown.

They are actually getting ugly. Which is really a relief, I could never kill or eat a cute chicken;). I promise to keep you updated on our first attempt at raising our own meat. Oh.. and if anyone wants to come over 6-8 weeks from now, we would be more than happy to include you in our butchering process!!!!