Monday, December 12, 2005

When 90 miles separate the family...

For a while now Joshua and his friend Shawn have been wanting to get together and go hunting since Josh has never had the opportunity to before. Therefore this past weekend was decided upon for the adventure and soon after noon on Friday, Dad, Josh, Charity and Christianna embarked on the 2 hour drive up to Eddy Acres (the latter two were going to spend time with Mrs. Eddy and Theresa) just outside of Lapeer. Their time up there turned out to be spent doing many different things other than just hunting, such as baking(and of course eating), paper snow flake making, sledding and hopefully somewhere in there, sleeping! The ones remaining in Riverview, managed to conduct their time (hopefully wisely) by going sledding on the nearby sledding hill,(appropriately dubbed 'Mount Trashmore' due to the fact that 'the other side of the mountain' is used as a dump), visiting with friends, watching a movie, and then on Saturday before the 'other half' returned, going to Kinghaven Manor Senior home for a time of singing and ministry.
Oh yes, we were also able to fit in the making of our traditional family snow slide off our back deck!! You will have to see it to really understand all that is put into this annual project and experience out for yourself just how steep and fast it is, and also *CRINGE* just how short our backyard really is!!!!

Just for your enjoyment I have posted the following picture from both sides, so you can get a glimpse of what takes place when the Sauve family is separated by 90 miles! Enjoy!!
Also check out the Eddy's Blog for more high lights from the adventure up in Lapeer!

Friday morning we all woke up to around 6 inches of snow covering the downriver and northern areas of Michigan. Praise the Lord He was watching over us, as late Saturday afternoon our family was once again back together! Posted by Picasa

Working on the slide. Due to the fact that our new snow tube was larger than our old one, we had to make this years slide a little wider. Posted by Picasa

What a fun ride!!  Posted by Picasa

The masked man. Posted by Picasa

Airborn!!  Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

The Hunters!!! Shawn and Josh waited and waited and... well... waited! They never were able to get anything but I'm sure they will tell you that they still had a lot of fun! Posted by Picasa

The view from the top! Dispite the haze on the horizon, you could still just barely see the outlines of downtown Detroit and possibly Canada! Posted by Picasa

Well, I guess there can be a couple different ways to go down, though what a time trying to get out!!! Posted by Picasa

What a hill!!! It really should be considered a mountain! Here Faith, our friend Joshua Mills, Josiah and Jacob try to return up the slope as Grace takes pictures from the top. Posted by Picasa

Chilly winds and slick slopes resulted in not too many successful runs for John on his snowboard. Hopefully there will be more opportunities throughtout this season to conquer that hill! Posted by Picasa

The Snow Tube Champions!!! Up at the Lapeer sledding hill, it turned out victorious for dad and Charity as they ended up going the farthest down the hill on the tube! Posted by Picasa

The baking Mistresses a.k.a. The Mess Makers!! At least all their experiments tasted good! Here is Christianna and Theresa displaying their Chocolate Mousse cake with fresh raspberries. Posted by Picasa

Friday evening Grace spent some time with a couple of her friends, (Lft-Rt Grace Klos, Grace Sauve, Heidi Scott) as the day before Heidi had all her wisdom teeth out!! Thankfully she was not in too much pain, as they were able to play their guitars, sing and enjoy talking together over bowls of delicious soup and afterwards ice cream shakes!!! As it is always enjoyable to make known, both Graces not only share the same first name, but also middle names, though uniquely enough one is spelled with an S and the other Z! Can you guess what that name is? Posted by Picasa