Monday, August 22, 2005

On August 6th, we attended our Harrison Family Reunion. (Mom's side of the family) We all enjoyed seeing relatives again, playing in the surrounding fields and by the river, and of course, the food was great! :-)
Here is a picture of us four sisters in front of our banner . . . .Posted by Picasa

. . .and here are another four sisters, the original Harrison Girls. (Left to right) Clarabel (Harrison) Lee (widow), Mildred (Harrison) Learned (our Grandmother), Myrtle (Harrison) Gross (she owns the BIG garden), and Elizabeth (Harrison) Rustem.  Posted by Picasa

The men and boys had a great time playing Horse-shoes. John and Josh tried out their tossing skills for the first time, and did pretty well. Here is John and the flying Horse-shoe! ;-) Posted by Picasa

Here's the gang! Seated on the chairs are the original Harrison sisters with there respective husbands. Unfortunately, Great Uncle Ted, the only boy in the family, was ill and unable to attend. Posted by Picasa