Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Harvest Blessings

This year the Lord has blessed us with many amazing things. He has shown his power over the economic situation, moved us and gave us a wonderful new house. He has placed us among good, encouraging Christian friends, old and new, and has given us room to have a beautifully large garden.
One of the things we planted in our large garden, was pumpkins. Josiah decided he wanted to grow them if we promised to make pumpkin pies for him. So Faith helped him make four dirt hills and they planted his pie pumpkins. At first we were slightly worried that they would never come up but finally miniscule bits of green were seen to emerge and Josiah’s pumpkin plants began to flourish. Then we had another problem, the pumpkins were not setting on!! We would see baby pumpkins and watch them carefully only to see them rot and fall off. Finally after about 4-5 “false” pumpkins we had some set and they begin to grow. Problems over right? Well not quite, if you remember these are supposed to be pie Pumpkins. The pumpkins in our garden will not stop growing!!!! They are now larger than a very large Cantaloupe. Josh’s think that is wonderful and surmises that now we can get three pies out of one pumpkin. =)
It has been immensely satisfying to have salad and know that all the ingredients come from our backyard! Cans of pickles sit in our cellar and are mostly made from our cucumbers. One slightly disappointing thing was, because of all that intense heat this summer, our lettuce was quite bitter. Yet we are trying again though, hoping that the fall weather and lots of watering will make a difference.

We are very thankful for friends that helped us with our garden. The cucumber plants were from our dear friend Mrs. Klaty, the dill (for pickles) from our new (and wonderful) neighbors the Brysons. Mrs. Klaty also gave us some leftover pea seeds she had, and last week we had enough peas to have a dish for all of us for dinner!

It has been wonderfully fun watching the itty bitty plants we placed in our garden grow and mature. From little tiny seeds to 6 foot tall pole bean plants which have given us so many beans we are blanching and freezing kits and caboodles of them. The spindly little green stalks we bought have grown into great big full plants loaded with tomatoes which are the juiciest sweetest things (nothing like store bought tomatoes). Surely, the wonders of God’s creation never cease.

We thank God for our garden, and praise Him for the Harvest.