Wednesday, June 14, 2006

At the Klaty Homestead...

Last Friday we headed over to the Klaty Homestead for some family fellowship and exciting horseback riding! Since the girls haven't had the chance to ride in a long time they were dying to take on this experience and even let the boys take a few spins around the arena! After the saddle soreness started setting in though, we all headed back to the house for dinner and a time to talk as the kids played outside.
Thank you Klatys for the wonderful time of fellowship and fun! May God bless you more and more as you continue to serve Him! Posted by Picasa

John and Spence. Ride 'em Cowboy! Posted by Picasa

Though we all took turns riding both the horses, if seemed that I was the one picked to receive all the excitement! Once while cantering Spotless around the arena, I was almost thrown off when he suddenly fell down on both his front knees! The other incident was with Laredo, when while loping by the entrance gate she spooked and started to buck! What fun you have when you are least expecting it!

Grace Posted by Picasa

Mr. Klaty and Cruiz aboard Spotless. Posted by Picasa

Joshua on Spotless. Posted by Picasa

All the young people enjoyed playing on the trampoline! Posted by Picasa

Faith and Cruiz reading on the porch. Posted by Picasa

At the end of our visit, we gathered around the piano to sing praises to our LORD! Glory Halelujah! Posted by Picasa

Baling Hay with the Wagners

This past Monday the three oldest males of the Sauve household traveled north to Silverwood, Michigan, and got their first taste of farm life baling hay with our good friends the Wagners. Arriving around 4:00 in the afternoon, John, Dad and I immediately headed out to the fields with Mr. Wagner and their oldest son David. It didn't take long before we were covered with dust and hay particles, and bailing like we were old pro's. There were a few accidents but no one acquired any worse injuries than scratches and small cuts on our hands and arms from catching flying 50 pound hay bales.

After filling up a wagon with bales two of us drove it back to the barn and loaded it via the elevator into the loft. This was definitely the most unpleasant task of the whole operation for the person who was stacking the bales up in the loft where it was about 10 degrees hotter then outside and the dust was so thick that it was difficult to breathe. However, even considering the discomfort, we somehow had a great time doing hard work.

After finishing up the field on Tuesday, we walked out to another field and literally had a blast shooting at clay pigeon targets, (a.k.a. skeets), with a couple of 12 gauge shotguns and two .22 rifles. Thanks Wagners for the great time and experience in farm life!

Dad driving the tractor. Posted by Picasa

Catching a bale! Posted by Picasa

Along the rows. Posted by Picasa

A long day...hard work...a job well done. Posted by Picasa

Meeting the little fawn.  Posted by Picasa