Saturday, May 17, 2008

One Year Anniversary!

A year ago yesterday, Friday May 16th, was our final moving in day! To celebrate, praise our gracious Lord and thank all the people who came and helped us we had a lovely evening of fellowship with our old and new friends as we played games, talked, shared a delicious meal and sang around the campfire as the stars came out last night! God has been so merciful and gracious to us and we can not thank Him enough for blessing us with this property and all our wonderful friends!
Here are some pictures, that barely give a glimpse, of our blessed evening!

Church family and neighbors

Josiah, decked out in his farmer outfit playing hockey with Cade.

The chef!

The whole group gathering for prayer

Thank you to everyone who brought food!

Will and Josiah

Country friends/neighbors

Our dear friends, the Whites from down in Dearborn. We go way back with them!

What a sweet picture! Christianna and Yesenia

The beautiful sunset.

Singing praises to our Savior. What a precious time, singing old hymns, choruses and hearing the young children lift their sweet voices to Jesus!
To God be all the glory!