Saturday, July 07, 2007

A test of Patience

OK, so you have a ton of blogging to do, your maxed out on pictures and are giving yourself limits as to how many you take now 'cause you don't want to overload your already full schedule, your head is spinning as words to say for all the different posts are quickly exiting your though capacity and finally to add to it all your Internet access is playing the elusive game and you cannot even get one picture on before it shuts down and you loose anything that you did not save!!!!

Yes, God is teaching me patience.

I was already behind on blogging when this past Wednesday came upon us and the day was jam packed with fun and fellowship and around 310 pictures taken and now I cannot put anything on the blog!!*sigh*

I must wait, and listen, and learn my lesson.

You must wait also till I am yet again able to share this exciting adventure we have been living lately!

Coming soon (hopefully)...