Thursday, January 13, 2011

Josiahs adventures

Every once and a while Josiah will commandeer the camera and go trotting off out back, to adventures. He always comes back with some very interesting pictures some of which I thought I would share with you!

First he said hello to the birds out front, this is a sweet female Red Bellied Woodpecker. She just loves suet.

There was also this cute Papa Dickie Bird,who has such a cheerful song.

After he was done observing the little feathered creatures, he began his trek out back taking the time to turn around and preserve the print of his foot with photographic memory.

Many furry animals, friendly and otherwise, (mainly otherwise) traverse our back property. Try to count how many animals have left there impressions in the snow.

Then he went and visited our little stream, which is at this point is completely and entirely frozen over!

One of Josiah and my favorite part of our "out back" are the stand of White Pine trees lining our property. They are so gorgeous after a heavy snow when they are draped with white.

I had a double take when I saw this picture that Josiah took. It seriously looks like it was taken in Florida and that the Pine trees are Palm trees:) I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Josiah's hikes! Please tune in at a unknown date for the next, not yet recorded, adventure of Josiah T. Sauve.