Friday, July 11, 2014

Faith and the Fourth: a Celebration

Here at our house we celebrate 2 important things on the 4th of July.  Our country's Independence, and Faith's birthday.  This makes everything twice as fun, but also a bit complicated fitting everything in.  

So here is a glimpse at our fourth.

In the morning some of us went down town to look about and see a bit of the parade.

Sadie looking all patriotic!

The town's population exploded once again.  Amazing how many people come out for the fourth!!

The parade is definitely a small town deal, with lots of tractors, classic cars, and a few horses.

This horse was a little unusual looking. :)

The highlight of the parade - California Or Bust...

I truly think we win for having the most tractors in a parade!

Some pretty cars. (anyone spot the one that doesn't quite fit?)

We even had a petting zoo this year!  We had family due to be at our house around 12:30 so we just watched a bit of the parade, and then headed back home.

It was a truly lovely day, perfect for a picnic under the willow tree.

Always so much yummy food. :)

Happy Birthday Faith!

Happy dogs!!

We were so happy to have Aunt Myrt join us! :)


Love our Aunt Myrt so much!  Most of the gardening and canning that Faith does she learned form Aunt Myrt.

Between dinner and dessert we took a tour of the gardens to help us digest.

Our Firework Faith!

It was a simply lovely day, celebrating both our nations independence and Faith's birthday!