Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Celebrating the Fourth: Part 1; As our nations Birthday.


We, as a nation, have so much to celebrate, especially in the way of Gods grace on us, in not judging us for all our rebellion against him. Let us pray for a revival this year and a turning back to God, on personal and church level as well as national.
This year, as usual, our family headed down town to watch the Hadley Parade. Hadley is a very small town, but for one day (4th of July) its popluation at least triples. As always there are lots and lots of Tractors in the parade, but since I think you all know what they look like, I am going to show you some of the unique and creative entries, and there were quite a few!

Whoa, don't fall!! ;-)

This was one of the most creative vehicles. A tiller and plow!

Then there was the bubble blowing time machine, which seemed to float its way down the parade route.

There were many classic cars, and this one was Joshua's favorite. Beautiful blue colors.

And this was Faith and my pick. I just love the creative two tones in old cars, no new cars are half as nice looking.

My favorite part, the beautiful horses!

We even had one of the forefathers in our parade!

This year, for some reason, though the firetrucks were in the parade, there was no spraying of water as in former years. Most of us were not bothered by that;)

And the vehicle that makes the Hadley Parade what it is, The old "Kalifornia 'er Bust" (probably bust) truck. I didn't get a good picture of it during the parade but here it is in the field before.

As someone said when they saw this truck finally come on the parade route. "The parade is now complete".

~Chs PS. more of our fourth celebrations coming soon!!!