Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Farmer Boy's Birthday

 January 23rd marked the 20th birthday of our Farmer Boy!
Josiah has always been very particular and creative when it comes to his meals on his Birthday, and this year was no different.
Almost all of the food consumed that day, came from the "Farmer Boy" book (from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series).

For breakfast that meant: Oatmeal, with "as much cream as you wanted" and maple syrup...

Sausages, Buckwheat pancakes, and coffee (for those that wanted it. :)

It was delicious! And filling. :)

After lunch, Josh, Theresa, "Baby-Nephew" and Mr. Reiche arrived, to go on Josiah's annual Birthday walk.
Baby-Nephew, stayed home with Charity, while the rest of us bundled up (it actually was rather mild that day!) and headed out to the great outdoors.

Since we had moved north, we decided to try a different hiking spot, from our normal haunts. This particular place was one that Josh had hunted at frequently, so he acted as our guide.

The Witch Hazel was cheerfully blooming; the only fresh color visible in the cold, nearly mono colored landscape.

{The intrepid adventurer}

Despite his insistence that he knew where we were going, our guide found himself a little confused, and was compelled to resort to consulting with 21st century technology for assistance. :)

One of the goals for Josiah's birthday hikes, is to "walk on water," which we did. Actually on it and in it at the same time! :) The sun had melted the top layer of snow resulting in a slushy puddle covering the whole of the still solid frozen lake. Nevertheless, we didn't tarry to long or stand to close together... just in case! :)

A fascinating sight in the marshland right off the lake, were these curious mini little pine cones. They are about the size of a thumb nail, and hang in little clusters on its tree, alternating with long sausage like looking catkins.  A little research found them to be on a Speckled Alder tree.

{Why?} :)
The hike was successful, and we made it back to our vehicles and homeward, refreshed and invigorated.

Dinner was also out of the "Farmer Boy" book. Chicken Pie (very different from what you are thinking, this chicken pie included bacon and hard boiled eggs, apparently a given in chicken pies back in the 1800's) Baked Beans, Rye 'Injun bread, Pickled Beets, and Pumpkin Pie.

We questioned Josiah on wanting Pie and Cake! But he insisted it would be fine! And hey when you're 6'7 and built like a string bean why not? ")

His cake this year, highlighted some of his many interests. In the shape of a barn of course, including the logo for the Polyface Farm, where he will be interning this summer, Answers in Genesis logo (one of his favorite magazines/website, this organization focuses on biblical creation and beyond!), an Eric Sloane book (his favorite author on all things Americana) and of course an Ax (his weapon of choice) and barefoot (his foot wear of choice) :)

His gifts kind of followed the theme. :) He was thrilled to get the remaining Joel Salatin (owner of Polyface Farm) books that he did not own, as well as a knife sharpener, among other things.

We are so proud of Josiah and the incredibly gifted man that he is. He is our go to guy for multiple things, his thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. He is patient, and humble, and very persevering (get him started on a project...). He is detailed, caring, compassionate, and I might add handsome. :)  He is a man who seeks to glorify God and find and follow his will, and we are so grateful for him.