Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's Back!!!!!!

After much anticipation and "patient" waiting, our whole family headed down to the Metro airport last Monday to pick up the our family's "missing link" =)


Everyone was overjoyed to see him again.

Dewey tried really hard to show John how much he had grown. (Notice his stretched out neck and reaching look.)

I apologize for how late this post is, and am very downhearted to report that John will be leaving us again on Saturday. So far though we have really enjoyed the time we have been able to spend with him, and are dreading this Saturday when he will be torn from us, (okay, not literally) again.



Despite the slightly chilly weather and swarms of mosquitoes the Sauve family head out one day to pick some blueberries.

Even though you can buy perfectly good berries from a store, there is something satisfactory about braving the elements (and mosquitoes=) and through "hard work" being able to take home mounds of dusky blue berries ready and waiting to be made into pies cobblers etc...

Almost covered the bottom. I absolutely loved this little tin bucket, whenever you started fresh with the empty pail, the blueberries plunked in such a delightful way on the bottom.

Hard at work. (picking blueberries and fending off the bugs.)

Ahhh the fruit of our labors. The blueberries were absolutley delicious, and quite worth all our efforts (including fighting the mosquitoes=)