Monday, November 12, 2007

Yates: apples...cider...donuts...river walks

This past Tuesday our family joined the Eddy family on a field trip to Yates Cider Mill. The temperature was low and the wind was nippy so we quickly gathered inside the shop. At the moment they were not making cider but after enjoying a small snack and watching and waiting with promises that they would start soon we were able to see how they make that delicious drink!

Barn yard friends! Don't look too closely! =)

Yummy looking stuff I'm sure!

50 Tons of pressure!!

After leaving the mill we headed down on the "old railroad track" path and though the mothers stayed above, the rest of us quickly headed below to the smaller foot worn trails snaking alongside (sometimes quite close) the large river.

Out on a limb.

A glimmer of Autumn still left.

Papa Bear (Mr. Eddy) in his big chair!

Beautiful scenery declaring the glory of our Lord.

The crossing.

While traversing the trails we happened upon this gentleman coming from farther down the river caring this huge fish! He was heard to say that it was a Salmon!

Heading back. A wonderful morning it was, filled with learning and adventures...and as always, may God be glorified!