Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Year #20 - Happy Birthday John!

John turned the big "20" last Friday. We had a little difficulty fitting in a time to celebrate due to his (crazy) work schedule. (There should be a law against working on your birthday!)

~No, he did not get a Cowboy hat for his b-day. Grace just liked this picture:-)

His "cool" cake.

The "cool" Chefs

A very "cool" tie!
Whoa! Check out the "cool" belt buckle! Ride 'em Cowboy!

Happy Birthday, little brother! ;-) What a blessing and asset you are to our family! I pray that God will clearly lead and guide your steps in the coming days and years. May you grow in strength and wisdom, and be a voice to all who see you - preparing the way of the LORD!



A little behind...

...Here is whats been happening...
Back when we had all that water after the snow melt, Joshua bought Josiah an early birthday present...

Even though our back yard was still flooded, the water had started to recede and grass and leaves were getting stuck on the propeller, so Josiah headed down to the Brysons pond to try out his new gift.

Happy Birthday 'Siah!

A couple weeks ago we had a gathering at our house with a family from our church. The grandparents have been coming for a while and their daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren have been visiting. We love them already and greatly enjoy their fellowship! The four children are so cute and we all had a great time with them as we enjoyed a dinner together and then the toys came out along with some dress up things while the adults talked. What a blessed time of friendship and fellowship in Christ Jesus!

Following are some pictures of their adorable children...sorry I didn't get any pictures of Cade.
Yesenia dressing up in all our "girly" stuff!

Legos, legos and more legos...Lincoln and Josiah were best buds at once!

"Tiny" Xavier loved our stairs and enjoyed sporting some of our many hats.