Monday, June 22, 2009

The milking maids.

Our good friends the Hayse have just recently acquired a Cow and her Calf. Which meant that we had the privilege to go down and help them milk her. Her name is Dixie and she has had some trouble getting used to the milking process. Which means until then we have to be very quick at getting the bucket out of the way of her quick kicking hoofs. It's a fun challenge.

Mrs. Hayse and Dixie.

Yours truly, the back up milk maid. Right now I am stripping off, thus the bucket held up high.

Happy Dixie after we were done milking.

Job, is Dixie's little Calf, named for his great patience and trials that he has had since he was dehorned when he was too old. It's been great being able to get fresh milk each day. We've been glad to help out our friends since we can't have a cow of our own.


The devastation.

As the water receded all the corn stalks from the field across the street and straw from the paths settled on the garden.

Oh look at this mess!!!!!!

And the clean up begins. Anybody want to come over and help? No, I'm serious, really!! Just give us a call and come right over:)


Water Volleyball anyone!!

After it had stopped pouring, the boys decided that since they were already completely soaked, they should go play some water volleyball!

Everyone ready? Alright lets go!

Dive Dewey dive!


Nice save!

Smack that ball!

Anybody wanna join?!