Monday, March 23, 2015

Craft Day

It's been a couple weeks now, since Faith and I had a wonderful time with our church ladies for a craft day.

We all got together on a Saturday with our various projects for a fun day of fellowship.

Faith brought along Josiah's tatted flag for show and tell. 

There was such a large variety of projects going on. Faith was knitting slippers, Miss Beth was crocheting a sweater...

Baby just charmed everyone.. :)

There was a Panda being painted for a wall hanging.

Complex and beautiful beaded bracelets being made.

More wall hangings painted.

Other artistic paintings. 

And of course when you get a group of people together... you must have food! And there was some pretty tasty offerings.

Painting was a favorite occupation among the little girls. And there were some rather pretty pieces of art as a result!

Little Gracie girl enjoyed the pickles that were there. :)

One of the girls brought this impressive purple cake! It just matched Miss Ronda's shirt!


The stunning finished bracelet!

We also had some creative embossing being done! So much going on.

But the best part of it all, was the wonderful conversations and sweet Christian fellowship we were able to enjoy!