Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A little late but still applicable

God is light. We cannot add to His brightness, but we may act as reflectors, which, though they have no light of their own, yet, when the Sun shines upon them, they reflect His beams, and send them where, without such reflection, they might not have come. When the Lord shines upon us, we will cast that light upon dark places, and make those who sit in the shadow of death to rejoice in Jesus our Lord.

We hope that God has been in some measure glorified in some of us during the past year, but we trust He will be glorified by us far more in the year which now begins. We would have it so happen that, when our life’s history is written, people will not think of us as ‘self made men,’ but as the handiwork of God, in whom His grace is magnified. Not in us may man see the clay, but the Potter’s hand. They said, ‘We hardly notice how he preaches, but we feel that God is great.’

~ Charles Spurgeon


New Years Day we awoke to almost a foot of snow! Our snow removal team plowed out the driveway and then got to work on rebuilding our snow slide off the deck.

The above view

Almost 8 ft. tall

The touch up team....

Josiah "Dewey"


Dad going down! The photographer even tried it but the pictures did not turn out. =)

Hopefully this slide will last a little longer than the first one. Oh yes, and for all our friends out there just dying to come over and try it out...just call ahead!


The Blessed ending of 2007

Last evening the Sauve family dined at a feast provided by the Lord of all creation. We enjoyed a hearty meal of Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, squash, rolls, salad, jello and of course gravy! We all were thoroughly stuffed at the end and had a blast cleaning up as Josh video taped and Baby entertained us! The remainder of the evening was spent in playing a few games, Dad proclaiming his blessing and prayers on all us children and then we tried to put down some more food as I had made Chocolate Eclairs for dessert along with the best ever home made eggnog!

Faith preparing Dinner.

Josiah playing with the Jello!

The table all set and ready...

The whole family!

"...So can we eat now?.... Hey don't blow out the candles!...Wow, I'm getting stuffed looking at all this food!"

The aftermath! Who murdered the Turkey?!!!

The most delicious!

As another year is dawning, we pray that as our LORD God has so richly blessed our family, we pray that He will also bless you, our dear friends and family, and show His GREATNESS, LOVE, HOLINESS and SALVATION to you all this coming year!

~We sang this hymn on Sunday. It is the last hymn in our songbook. Though it does not talk about the end or beginning of the year it is a life song.

When morning lights the eastern skies, O Lord, Thy mercy shows;
On Thee alone my hope relies, let me Thy kindness know.
Teach me the way that I should go; I lift my soul to Thee;
For refuge from my cruel foe to Thee, O Lord, I flee.
Thou art my God, to Thee I pray, Teach me Thy will to heed;
And in the right and perfect way may Thy good Spirit lead.
For Thy Name's sake, O gracious Lord, Revive my soul and bless,
And in Thy faithfulness and love redeem me from distress. Amen.

The End of 2007

New Years Eve found us at the Sutherland Nature Sanctuary again. It was a most enjoyable way to end the year. A fresh batch of snow fall was on the ground so we saw lots of animal tracks and signs of life among the beautiful scenery of the snow dusted trees.

Our dear friend Vicki (on the left) was visiting us this past weekend and it was a joy to have her along for the walk through the woods.

One of my most favorite paths!

A photographers haven!

It's the flying Dutchman!
Actually it's just Daniel B. flying across the stream.

Timothy B. doing the same as his brother.

Photograph taken by Christianna of Grace modeling "the pink hat".

After our walk was done we headed over to our friend, Mr. Reiche's house to try out his new snow slide. We had visited a couple weeks ago and were waiting for enough snow to go sledding again. This time he had done some construction and built a platform to help launch us off onto the iced runway. The thrilling drop off of the ledge brought many a scream and gasps and hoots of laughter broke forth as certain persons totally missed the path and blazed their own trails across the yard! A most enjoyable time was had by all, though some left early due to frozen toes and inadequate sledding apparel (blogger speaking =}) and we cannot wait to go sledding again as we just received a huge dumping of snow today (pictures soon to come)!

Game Night

Last Friday night we enjoyed a time of fellowship with friends amidst food and games. Dominoes, Uno, Predicament & Remedy and Taboo were some of the games played that evening, filling the house with laughter, cries of desperation and rejoicings along with the over all hum of 23 voices!

These two gentlemen blessed and confused our company by dressing alike...can you guess whose who?
Matthew B. and Josiah S.