Thursday, December 25, 2014

Noting the Fingerprints

Most of you know that we did indeed sell our house and are currently in a state of moving. But you might not know the "whole story", so in case you're interested, here is a tracing of the Fingerprints of God over the past few months.

It was the first week of November and the Sauves were tired of showings. We had decided way back when we put our house on the market that if it didn't sell, we would take it off the market the end of October because we didn't want to move in the winter. So that first week of November, Dad planned to call our realtor and end our house selling attempt.  Apparently God has a sense of humor... our realtor was out of town on Monday and Dad forgot to call right away on Tuesday. Before he remembered, we got a call that said, "Someone would like to see your house this Friday." After some hemming and hawing, we said yes to the showing but "No more! After this (we of course were assuming nothing would come of it) we are done."

So Friday came. We are used to showings; sometimes people breeze through in 10 min., if they're semi-interested they might stay for a max of 45min. This young family stayed for over an hour. We were cautiously excited. Personally I was still skeptical. Surely we weren't actually going to sell our house!? It seemed an impossibility. But with God nothing is impossible, and sure enough by Saturday we received their offer. God's Fingerprints were unmistakeable. 

The next few weeks were taken up with the thrilling, and sometimes depressing, occupation of looking at houses.

There were old ones....

and short ones.

Ones with small barns....

and fallen down barns.

Ones with furniture...

and ones without.

There were yellow ones...

 and green ones.
Kept up ones...

and run down ones.

And after looking at all those "ones" we still weren't closer to finding home. So we widened our search, and took off some limitations and swallowed some preferences.. still nothin'.  I think God was laughing at us a little, because there were a few houses that we had seen way back at the beginning and had marked off for certain reasons.

 One of them, because it had such an odd long narrow property, and an awful driveway, and backed to corn fields, and ... well we decided to look at it anyway. Sure enough, this house with the nasty driveway and the odd acreage just happened to be the house that God had destined to be our next residence (at least for the coming 7 years.. :) )
Sure the driveway is long and needs fixing, but God already provided for that, because the Pastor of the new church we just "happen" to be attending, just "happens" to do excavating and was so kind as to be willing to help fix the driveway even this late in the year.

Yes, the 10 acres are stretched out skinny and long, but they are flanked on one side by a large plot of unused land that might possibly be rent-able in the future.

True there is a marsh running through the property but the woods surrounding it are scattered with large Maple trees perfect for tapping, and the marsh will delight my ducks too! ;)

There is enough clear land for pasture, and the brushy land is filled with surprises, like 10 mature apple trees (in need of pruning to be sure, but there) and a large overgrown grape arbor.

So you see, if you follow the fingerprints of God, you'll find us at our new abode with 10 acres full of hard work and potential, and a little Quad house (the first Quad in our experience), happy and grateful for His guidance!

(we hope to be settled in our new house by the first week of Jan. but more on that next)