Monday, November 13, 2006


Well here I am again with another late post, this time a couple months old! Even though the main reason is because these pictures were taken with my 35mm camera and it took a while to get them developed, the other factor is that many other things have taken place between then and now and therefore this post was kind of put on the back burner. Any ways with that all said... I present to you The Sunflower Field!

The story takes place on September 22 in the lovely state of Michigan. The setting is in an open field in Dearborn along side the Southfield freeway and only a short distance from where dad used to work as an accountant for Ford. It has been about a year now since I first set eyes upon the exquisite occupants of this field and its fellow plot of land a little ways away. However, even though I had desired and tried to stop at these two locations and obtain some memorable images, I had not had the opportunity to until this year when, as we were traveling up North to participate in the Hadley Parade Dad pulled off onto the service drive and I was finally able to take these pictures!

Above Photo courtesy of Charity

Praise the Lord for His awesome and beautiful creation!

It appears that most of these ambrosial blooms were rather shy that morning (besides the fact that it was getting late in the season and some were starting to droop) so unfortunately most of the pictures I got were filled with the back side of the flowers heads.

Here dad is in his colonial attire standing in front of the glorious(and golden) field of sunflowers!

How do you describe such a breathtaking view as you look over a field of Helianthus? - WOW!!
Look closely and what do you see? As I walked closer to the outskirts of this radiant crowd I was surprised upon noticing(as they fluttered away from my) that the unique selection of flora were not the only occupants of this field. Monarch butterflies were everywhere! I wish I could have gotten some better pictures of them as they clung to the flower heads but even though there were many of them, they were spaced out enough(and kept moving farther away from me) that only a few can be seen in these images.

Here is one photo of a butterfly that Charity was able to get with the digital.

This is one of my most favorite pictures!

Even though our time was short as we needed to get back on the road, I can only say that I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to get even these few pictures to view for years to come, and the memory of seeing and touching such a magnificent display of His Glory!

But truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD.
-Numbers 14:21

~ Grace

The First Snow Man of the Season!

Even though is been a week or so ago now and all but the memory of this little guy has evaporated, I just had to show you all these pictures of our first of the season Snowman! Josiah had a fun time constructing and dressing the little 'Frosty', and Christianna was the photographer for this special occasion!

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