Monday, August 06, 2007

Birthdays and Fishing outing

Last Sunday and Monday were Grandpa and Grandma's birthdays! Sunday afternoon was spent in Port Huron with cake and ice cream and presents.

Grandma received a new camera and we gave her money to get a new bible case.

Grandpa was given binoculars and a fishing kit. The latter is what was used at the next days outing...

This little guy wanted to join in the festivities and helped himself to a snack out of Aunt Carmen's feeder!

The birthday fishing trip and picnic.

Josh using the "big stuff" to try to catch some big fish!

The first fish! I can't remember how many we caught that day but it was quite a few!

My first fish EVER!!! The biggest blue gill of the day! (I caught three)

Christianna even caught a fish on Uncle Tim's old emergency kit line! What fun!

A fish... catch a fish! (No that lure did not catch this tiny blue gill.) =]

While fishing this lovely little dragon fly landed on my pole! The camera was around my neck so I was able to capture this image. Good thing I didn't snag a fish right then! ;)

What an enjoyable time spent close to God's creation! Though there were other people out there and a few ski doos stirring up the water, it still was amazing and quite fun to be able to catch so many fish!