Monday, November 29, 2010

A wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

As usual Wednesday (or thanksgiving eve as Josiah calls it:) found all us girls elbow deep in pies, nuts and other sundry things, associated with Thanksgiving.

Faith amazed all again with her swift pie making skills accomplishing the making of 3 pies in less than 2 hours. (quite a feat I assure you, especially when two of them were apple!)

That evening Mumsie and I began on the stuffing. Ohh the beautiful smells that wafted around the house!!! Faith says that onions and celery frying in butter is one of her favorite scents.

One of my absolutely favorite thanksgiving tradition, is getting up early in the morning, when everything is still dark and silent, and then tiptoeing into the kitchen to meet mumsie. Together we carefully drag the turkey out of it's hiding place (this year I brined it over night) and begin to stuff it, all the time very studiously ignoring all the people who say not to stuff it to tightly. After the turkey is safely bestowed in the oven, Mum and I creep back to bed and try to slumber for another hour or so.

5 hours later Mr. Turkey has a beautiful tan, and sits on the counter waiting for our yearly turkey carver, Uncle Paul.

This is the turkeys delicious appearance after uncle Paul was done with him;)

While Uncle Paul was demolishing, I mean carving;) the turkey, Grace and Aunt Carmen were making the mashed potatoes. They got a little carried away and made a huge pot of them, but then we had more for leftover thanksgiving casserole, which was wonderful!

Downstairs Faith had done a stunning job decorating, despite our very sparse supply of decorations.

I am not responsible for any hunger cravings or jealousy that this picture produces:) Seriously though, God has blessed us abundantly and has provided all our needs as the groaning table testifies to that fact.

We all gathered downstairs in hungry anticipation. After Dad read a beautiful thanksgiving psalm and we thanked the LORD for his bountiful blessings, we all dug in.

The table was lively with stories and laughter and of course eating. Everyone was groaning with satisfaction a little while later, and there still was a full platter of turkey!

After a small break, we made ourselves dive into the pies (we had 5 distinct varieties!) and managed to do justice to most of them. We are very thankful for our family that was able to spend time with us this thanksgiving and also especially for John and his wife Mandi who we were so happy to be able to talk to, and see, over skype!!! Technology is so wonderful when you have a brother and family half way across the world=)
"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"