Monday, July 23, 2007

Cookout with the Eddy family

Last Friday night we had the Eddys over for dinner, volleyball and a campfire.
Homemade buns!

Gazillion Kabobs!

Hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwurst. Yumm!

Cooking my Chicken Kabobs

Sorry no pictures of our "wild" volleyball game but we did have a blast, as no rules were followed and any form of getting the ball over the net was accepted! Crazy for sure but fun as not a serious face was around and several bouts of "rolling with laughter" caused the game to come to a halt until we could all pick ourselves back up and resume the game!

The traditional, the new rage and Faith's new creation S'mores! Plain old chocolate is now not the only thing you can put in a S'more. Have you ever tried Reeses Peanut butter cups or York Mint patties?! Though traditional is good these new creations are now the BEST! Yes, so all that sugar is not good for you, but for a once in a while indulgence these are definitely the best ever campfire snacks to have!
I believe this is a Yorkie S'more. I tried to get pictures of each one but they didn't all turn out.

The art of roasting Marshmallows. Faith and her golden treat!

Mr. Eddy and his hedge trimming roasting stick! The blurriness is from the smoke.

Enjoying our snacks.

A monarch butterfly sitting on the bench (taken earlier in the day obviously).
Around the campfire as the darkness was deepening Dad read a devotional and we prayed that God would light His fire in our hearts and help us to keep our focus on Him.
Lord be glorified in everything we do and say! Thank you for the fellowship of like minded believers!