Thursday, December 24, 2015

In Which The Tractor Helps

This is the newest farm equipment on the farm.. and the girl riding it, is the girl who wanted a tractor over a car. :) Faith fell in love with tractors this summer working at the farm Josiah worked at. And when she found out a friend of ours was selling this beautiful Blue FORD Tractor, it was tops on her list. When she bought it, she drove it home 2 1/2 happy hours. 

When she got home, Sadie was pretty excited about the tractor too. She thinks it's hers. :)

We put it to work pretty much the next day. The job: clearing the 10 year + accumulation of weed trees.

Josiah started by chopping around the base of the offending trees and shrubs, and then Faith would pull them out with the little Blue Tractor.

Happy FORD Farm girl!! ;)

Josiah and Faith's boss, Jim, came and helped us with the cleaning out process. He also came and helped out with the next project: Building an addition/lean to on the Pole Barn, but that'll be another story! 

The Tractor also helped pull down a "big" oak tree. We are very happy for Faith and her little Blue Tractor, and also very happy to have such a useful new implement on the farm! Josiah already used it to plow our driveway!! A TON faster than the little lawn tractor he used last year! But that also is another story!! :)