Friday, April 27, 2007

Finding a new home isn't easy...

But for all the hours and many roads we have traveled God has blessed beyond our worthiness and protected and guided us on our way, and for even the discouraging times, we made the best of it and I think we have a big enough supply of good, bad and just plain hilarious memories to last us a while! Exactly a month ago today (the 28th) we started out on our quest for a new home in the Lapeer area, and right from the beginning God was teaching us and showing us His will. What exciting times we are living in right now!!
Though I did not take a picture of every house we looked in, and tended to get more shots of the surrounding landscape (maybe because 75% of the time we were driving!) then of the buildings we went into, following is just a little taste of all that we have seen these past several weeks... I think you'll get the picture! =)

Enjoy! Oh! And to just let you all know, most likely, before noon today we will know where we will be living! We have narrowed it down to two and the finish line is in view! Praise God!

From city (Detroit sky line)....

...To Country

Click here for more images of barns we have seen.

Driving, driving, driving! We have figured by now that Dina (our van) must have several angels surrounding her and keeping her running, as we thought she would die on us a while ago, but for all the driving we have been doing lately with her (especially on dirt roads!) she is still holding up. Though we will be getting a new van very soon we will all terribly miss our dear Dina, for her comforting purr (or roar!) and all her quirks and uniqueness that we have become accustomed to!


Enjoying the sunny window seat

One of our favorites! An old (yet restored) 1890 farm house with a falling foundation.

Missing a deck. John with his crutches and Josh outside.

Beauty of Spring! Round-lobed Hepatica

Josh and the Elk

This is a door inside an 1820 farm house. Can you image! That was before our state was founded!

House on the hill.

Travels home under a beautiful sky.

So where is our new abode? We will post as soon as we find out! Thank you all for your prayers!

God's will be done.