Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bring on the Dirt! 'Soilsome' Yard Work

Saturday afternoon the big yard work began as our friends the Wagners came over to take out our pool and help us get the garden plot stripped and tilled. Wow! Thank you Lord for such wonderful friends! They did so much work with bringing the sod cutter, helping remove the sod and tilling it too! Ok, so they got a really nice huge pool in return, but it doesn't even come close to all the work they did! Again, thank you Wagners.

Following are some pictures. I wasn't here Saturday, but I heard that the beginning was even more muddy fun looking, but here is a selection for your enjoyment! =)

Both projects - Pool liner and garden sod cutting.

Working in the sand pit!

Saturday they got the liners out...

...and Monday they finished getting the supports out.

Monday morning all of us Sauves were out slaving in Egypt; pulling sleds, wagons and pushing the wheel barrel of sod rolls to the wet spot in the yard. Then the Wagners came and rescued us by bringing their lawn tractor and trailer and boy did it go a lot faster after that!

Fun! God made the dirt and so it won't hurt if I get it all over me!

Washing was fun too!

Dad taking a turn at the tilling. Nice rich dirt!

All done! Though it most likely will dry up in the summer time, we were just helping it along by piling layer after layer of sod all over the mud and water. What a job but by God's grace it's done!

All the extra rolls were piled along the fence.

What a day! May God be glorified!

...Again, more pictures to come as we had a most enjoyable Memorial Day spent with our neighbor/friends the Brysons.