Monday, December 14, 2015

Glimpse back at the Garden

 The weather the last couple days has been almost mild enough to convince some that it's spring and time to start gardening again! But alas for them, it is not so. We still have the delightful season of Winter to go through yet. So, to help satisfy that gardening itch, here is a collection of photos from our summer garden!

Early July! A lovely green garden, still really at the beginning stages. Lovely lettuces, pretty peas, and lots of stuff still coming!

Faith's Peppers did fabulous this year! So much so, we were rather overwhelmed. Especially because she decided to try out quite a few new kinds of peppers, including some hot ones!

Faith tried something a little different for cucumber trellises this year. 
For some reason our cucumbers didn't really enjoy the weather, or something, because they didn't produce very well. But that just goes to show the truth about farming/gardening. Each year is different; some plants do great one year and not so much the next... and visa versa. You just do the best you can and leave the rest up to the Master Gardner! 

It's amazing how many vegetables are actually extremely photogenic. Purple Cabbage is one of those! And Faith discovered this year that they have an iridescent glow in the dark! Believe it or not!!

Our sister in law Theresa gave Faith this creative sign for her Birthday, and it fit as a wonderful reminder standing at the front of one of the garden beds.

As mentioned in this post, Faith built a Cattle Panel Arbor for the pole beans! It was a great use of space and visually stunning (especially later when the morning glories she planted at the front bloomed).  Even though it was a little hard on the neck picking the beans, I think we're definitely going to do it again!

I love that Faith plants flowers along the ends of her garden beds.. 

Here's something that has never appeared in our garden before. Faith decided to grow some eggplant this year! And while it's not our absolute family favorite taste wise.. It sure is gorgeous to look at! It looks like it belongs in a painting or something. :)

A rainbow of vegetables.. fresh from the garden...and...

Cooked up for lunch! 

I have decided if none of my other jobs pan out, that I would love to be a photographer for a seed catalog!

Faith had some extra produce to sell, and wanted some photos for her ad.. 

Lets just say I had lots of fun with that project!

The little spicy Aurora peppers were particularly attractive to capture! They start purple and turn orange and red. Definitely a plant that could be used in edible landscaping!

Mother is a pureist when it come to her vegetables and fruit. Tomatoes must be red, Carrots orange.. etc. Faith on the other hand loves exploring and experimenting. And also it is a fact, that the original Carrot was actually white.. and Tomatoes.. well they weren't red. So we grow some of each in our garden.

When one of your sister's Heirloom Tomatoes she tried for the first time this year just happens to compliment your family Heirloom chair your Grandpa re-upholstered.... Photo bliss. :)

So there is your little glimpse of summer garden delight. Hopefully it'll help hold you over till we can garden outside again for real!