Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thoughts inspired by and based on Psalm 23

The LORD is our caretaker, our protector, leader and provider.

We shall never be in want or in dire straits without His knowledge and His Paternal love and sympathy. I shall never want for wisdom for He is all knowing and will give me knowledge if I but ask. I shall never want love, for He is the absolute epitome of love and all true love is stored in Him and He freely bestows it on all His children.

When it is for my benefit, He will make me rest in prosperity and peace, and will lead me to calm and sweet relationships and gentle days.

But the greater promise, Oh the marvelous gift, is that even when He sees fit to make our resting place rocky, even when the food on the table is meager, even when He leads us through troubled and tumultuous relationships, still He restores our souls. He fills us when the world leaves us empty and desolate, and He will give me the grace and strength to walk the righteous path and be like Christ, despite the evil around me, all for His names sake.

Yes even though I go through deep bottomless sorrow. Yes even though I seem to be forsaken by all my friends and must walk through dark valleys and fearsome danger seemingly alone, I know that You, Oh LORD, are with me, every step of the treacherous way. You guide my steps from the edge of the cliff, and You know the reason for every obstacle, for every stumble, and You see the light at the end of the tunnel, where You will bless me in the midst of all my difficulties. In the midst of all the men who question my motives and my heart, You give me joy.

I am overwhelmed with blessing. My heart will overflow with gratefulness for Your peace and mercy shall be with me to my last gasping breath, and I know that I will reside with You in your glorious house for eternity.

"Surely if the LORD is for us who can be against us?" ~Selah