Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Monarch Medley

Ever since we found a stray Monarch caterpillar on a wildflower bouquet several years ago, the collection and raising of Monarch caterpillars has become a late summer and fall tradition for our family. This year we had a new setting in which to find these special creepers, our new home and 2 ½ acres of wildflowers, grasses, and lots of milkweed! Perhaps due to the fact that we are 2 hours north of our old home, we found the brightly striped caterpillars much earlier than usual this summer.

A box was cut out to provide a temporary home for the monster munchers, and to contain their droppings. Over the past few months, that box saw nearly 20 monarchs grow, all the way from a tiny egg smaller than a pinhead, to a big fat 2 inch long eating machine, to a beautiful emerald chrysalis, and finally a Majestic Monarch! We were privileged to watch many of the caterpillars “split” into their chrysalis, and even observe several of the butterflies being “born”, always an amazing an awesome spectacle! At times, our collection of caterpillars and chrysalises was so abundant that we were able to share a few chrysalises with friends, and allow them to enjoy the miracle as well.

We are so grateful for this opportunity to witness such an amazing part of God’s creation, and delight in the picture it can show of how one day we too will be miraculously transformed to be like Christ (if we are His), and soar to meet Him in Paradise!