Friday, November 22, 2013

Apple Party

{Yes I'm behind again! :) 

Almost 2 weeks ago now, our house was the center of activity, hub-bub, commotion, bustle, and excitement.  We were all preparing for the apple party we were hosting the following day in celebration of Josiah's academic acheivements and future aspirations.

All the food and the activities were to be apple based, which meant that for the week before we were peeling and chopping, and peeling, and chopping... and.....

We made apple sauce,

and apple cider,

and apple chips,

and apple pies....

The morning of, the kitchen was always full: Charity made gluten free apple pancakes for some of our friends that can't have gluten.

Faith made 2 dishes of baked apples.

And then I fried up a triple batch of apple fritters!

The house smelled amazing!!

The kitchen wasn't the only place of activity. Outside Josiah was setting up for our apple games, and Mom was finishing cleaning out the garage.

We had apples for decorations, apples for eating, piles of apples here, and there...

Josiah has a fascinating "museum" downstairs on his dresser, which he brought up for the party.

Rocks, snake egg shells, rooster spurs, mole, rabbit, muskrat, raccoon, and deer skins, as well as miscellaneous skulls (including a wild boar skull) and bones made up the exibit. :)

Over on the work bench was set different pictures of Josiah, his diploma, the Geneva Bible he asked for, and a slideshow of his life.

At 1:00 precisely, guests began to arrive.

There was plenty of hot and cold cider for everyone to enjoy, and because of the weather the hot cider went lickety split!

Then all the aforementioned apple foods along with Apple pickles, and German apple torte, and fried apples and onions, etc. etc. quickly disappeared as they were piled onto each plate.

In the garage we had cider making demonstrations.

One of the games involved trying to bite an apple hanging on a string. A slightly more sanitary version of apple bobbing.  :)

Josiah also had his three-man sling-shot out, and everyone took turns trying to shoot green apples at a target in the back field.  

Definitely the most popular activity; the line went around and around, and I believe only 1 person was able to actually hit the target.

{Faith had made pretty apple aprons for the 4 of us ladies}

The last time making cider.

"Uncle Dewey" and Julian.

It was a delightful day, even with the chill, and a grand time was had by all!