Monday, January 25, 2010

Continuation and Conclusion of our Time in Florida.

Let me assure you that Birds were only one of the many delightful and interesting things I saw while down in Florida. If I tried to tell you everything I DID while there, you would be reading this post for hours upon hours. So let me highlight the best parts of my south state adventure. The rose in the above pictures was one of the things that dazzled our January snow-accustomed eyes. It was beautiful and fragrant despite the hard frost the week before.

Maybe I am silly but I was absolutely amazed and flabbergasted, when I saw this cotton bush in front of the nursing home.

I was even more shocked to find that it felt like cotton right out of a bag=)

There was a beautiful little picnic area and walk way behind the nursing home and mother and I had some delightful suppers there.

These birds of paradise flowers were next to the picnic area. Interesting huh!

We also had some wonderful meals down by lake Jackson near the nursing home.

Grandpa and Grandmas neighbor had some delightful flowers in front of her house.

The orchids were simply scrumptious. Darling, dainty, bold, bright and adorable!

One animal that I had "fond" memories of from our last family trip to Florida were the little Lizards that ran around in front of our Grandparents house.

So I was thrilled when I spotted these little brown rascals skittering around in some bushes.

When we were cleaning up in Grandmas room we found these extremely amusing glasses in one of the drawers! Yes I did try these on. Yes I did get Mother to take a picture of me. NO I am not going to post the pictures=)

Another wonderful thing in the village were these succulent oranges.

The village has their very own orchard, and allows the residents to have as many citrus fruits as they want!!! =)

Mother and I were also able to have a nice walk around the village and visit some people that mother new when she was little. One dear 94 yr. old lady we visited with was "Aunt" Helen. We had a delightful time talking and reminiscing.

I had great fun driving the cart around! (Yes I did managed to leave all the village mail boxes in tact;)

On another drive around the village, we stopped by the pond so I could sketch and eventually draw, the chapel. It was a very gusty day however, and both of us were hard put to keep our papers. :0

There was one thing that I really wanted to do in January while down in Florida. Go swimming! The village has their own private heated pool, so one afternoon Mumsie and I made our way over for a good swim. Doesn't it look so clear cool and inviting?

Yipes!! That is freezing cold!!!

We managed (after a very LONNNGG time) to get ourselves numbed enough and into the pool. Just as we were almost in, one of the village managers, walked by laughing, and informed us that he had just found out that the heater was broken. Ha!

Despite the cold we did have fun, and are now able to say that we went swimming in January!

We were also able to get a nice game of shuffle board in. If you have not ever played shuffle board, you really should, it is great fun!

Though come to think of it, I have only seen shuffle boards in Florida=)

God blessed us incredibly and allowed Grandma to come home from the nursing home on Wednesday, the day before Mother and I flew back home. Grandma seemed to be comfortable and nicely situated in her house. Please pray that her leg would continue to heal and that she would not fall again.

God allowed us to not only help Grandma and Grandpa, but also to have a wonderful time as mother and daughter, and He sent us wonderful weather as well=)