Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Friday Fun!

Friday hosted a variety of activities including the annual Riverview Fest down at our public library. Though we only stayed for a little while, there sure was a lot to be offered with either paddle boats or kayaks on the pond, food and small gift stands to shop at, a portable barber shop, and of course all the old cars to look at! Posted by Picasa

Along with all the other old sport and pleasure cars, there were also a couple service and emergency vehices including this old fire truck.

The three stooges innocently waiting to climb the 'rock' wall! Posted by Picasa

Good job Josh! You made it to the top! Posted by Picasa

John, Shawn and Josiah heading up the wall. Posted by Picasa

The annual Riverview 4th of July fireworks(a week and a half early). Out of about 10 shots, this one was the best. Posted by Picasa