Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Fall Farm Tour

October 4th wasn't the most beautiful day in history, but it was educational and entertaining, as despite the weather we, along with some friends participated in the Fall Farm Tour that was held in our area.  The first farm we were going to visit, unfortunately, was not open for tours due to a family emergency, so we moved on to the second one-
The Decker Farm
The Decker's farm is a CSA farm. They grow vegetables and also raise meat chickens.

Examples of their CSA buckets, which are put together and picked up by customers weekly.

Their artistic chicken coop. :)

Inside one of their 2 hoop houses, out of the rain and cold.

The gardening season is of course mainly over, but there were still different types of greens, lettuce, peas, and a few tomatoes.

The second hoop house was a mainly inhabited by fruit.

Mr. Decker was very informative and kind in answering questions as he showed us around his farm. The Deckers also own an off sight apple orchard and they make and sell variety specific applesauce.

The other stop, was the Elling Tree Farm, which along with selling a huge variety of tree saplings, also makes Maple Syrup and many beautiful wood creations...

...Including this beautiful picnic table.

Mr. Elling demonstrated his incredible sawmill.

So despite the chill and misty weather we had a wonderful day, met some nice people, and even learned a few things! :)