Saturday, May 31, 2008

Other things

The other day we helped celebrate Timothy Brysons birthday.

Happy Birthday and may God bless you Timothy!

A special gift from Josh! =)

Thursday evening we help with and participated in a music recital hosted by our friend Theresa Eddy.
Theresa is a wonderful piano player and has been giving lessons for several years.
All of her students performed wonderfully!

Faith and Christianna played as guest performers on Guitar and Harp.
The twins! Everyone is always getting Faith and Christianna mixed up, not only because they wear each others clothes but also because they look a lot a like at times! The only difference is that they are 8 years apart!

Joshua also did a wonderful job with his piano piece.
He truly is a gifted musician as he has never had any piano lessons in his life and only learned to read music from all the singing we do as a family! With God's help and the desire to play several beautiful songs Josh persevered and practiced and practiced and practiced...and well, by now almost our whole family knows these pieces by heart from all the times that Josh would just sit down and whirl through them!
Hee! Just a bias sister here, but by the way Daniel Bryson played wonderfully too as he was another guest performer at Theresa's recital.
To God be all the Glory!
~'til next time...Grace

Memorial Day

On Monday after spending the morning working in the garden and on other projects, we headed down the road to our friends for a relaxing afternoon and delicious dinner!

Christianna and her little "pillow girl" relaxing on the hammock.

"Dewey" ever ready with some kind of "lovely" expression to capture with my camera!

In the loft of the old horse barn. So many different awesome photographic spots!

Josiah swinging on the rope.

Faith opened the door in the loft of a different barn. It wasn't too far off the ground, but thankfully she decided to not jump anyways!

peeking...what is inside this barn?

Daniel swinging high.

Me and my little "daisy girl" feeling so patriotic!

Josh relaxing


Charity and Mom staying cool in the kitchen.

"Pillow girl" and Mr. Reiche

I felt hat-ish that day but it sure made for some dark face pictures! Oh well! =)

Going for a walk down the old cow path.

Faith driving the tractor to take the boys fishing boat down to the pond.

A game of Baseball to finish off the evening along with some singing around the campfire.

It was an enjoyable Memorial day and even though at times we use it more for a holiday to do fun things, we should always be mindful of the thousands of men who gave their lives for our nation and be ever thankful for our freedom!
To God be all the glory!