Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy 2009!

This was the only picture that was taken on January 1st! Ok so I was really busy with getting somethings done for the trip next week...and for some reason there was no one else in the house able to take pictures! =) It was a great day anyways...and we had some friends over for games in the evening.
On New Years Day After we had the church family over. Check out the Fultz's blog for more pictures.

Tiny didn't like the sledding (even on Christianna's lap...can you believe i!?!?!) and decided that swinging was safer.


Even though it was so cold and the snow was powdery our slide still got quite the workout!

Faith and Mr. Ostrander talking and looking through gardening magazines. Thoughts of this years harvest already in mind!

Enjoying hot chocolate...

and flavored popcorn.

The end of 2008

Ok so Blogger hasn't been any easier to log into this year than last, and I have been pretty busy getting ready for the big Texas trip next week (YAHOO!!!) and I actually didn't get any significant pictures on the last day because John left for a wedding in Maine on Tuesday so we celebrated New Years on Monday....*phew!*.... thus the lack of year end posting! =)

But, here I am finally and here is a quick view of some of the things that went on around our place in the last week of 2008! Enjoy~

On the last Sunday of the year we woke up to no power! Church was canceled and we spent the approximately 10 hours without power bailing the sump pump, trying to stay warm and figure out how we were going to heat up hot water and food for lunch. It was quite the day!

Here we are taking a break from bailing and trying to make the most of the situation.

Good looking guy! =)

Because John decided last minute that he was going to go to his CollegePlus coach's wedding in Maine and wouldn't be here on New Years Eve we celebrated Monday evening and had a delicious meal of ham roast, au gratin potatoes, green bean, and jello. Oh, and ice water in Christiana crystal. =)

...and don't forget the eclairs for dessert served with hot chocolate!

Being silly~ Guess where John was New Years Eve?!?!

Afterwards we played Mexican Train Domino's.


Another dual expression picture here! =)

Oh yes, I did get some pictures on the last day of 2008. The air was crisp and the snow crunched as this warm loving, cold disliking girl ran outside (without a coat!!!) with tri-pod and camera in hand and quickly snapped these pictures of the moon...

...and I'm glad I did!
Happy New Year dear family and friends! May our great Lord and Savior give you hope, patience, and peace this new year!
For Christ's glory!