Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Behold the Frost cometh!!

The day started cold yet sunny and with the forecast predicting a very heavy frost that night. In consequence, the afternoon saw the Sauve clan trudging out to the garden to clean it of its produce before it was claimed by the vicious plant murdering icy particles, known commonly as frost.

We had already gathered most of the pumpkins and squash who reclined "elagantly" in the sun, shining a beautiful orange in the sunlight.

Therefore the first thing to take care of was the rows and rows (99 plants in all to be exact) of tomatoes, the majority of which, lamentably, were still green.

Despite said fact, we managed to get a good two pecks or so of red or at least reddish tomatoes, along with another peck or two of green tomatoes, the uses of which I will clue you in on during a following post.

Graces job was to harvest the herb bed, which included such lovely smelling herbs as; spearmint, chamomile, chives, lovage etc..

While we were slaving away in the garden, the chicks were allowed the free range of the yard. This group of curious chicks, led by our future rooster Napoleon, decided to check out our fort.

Other things that had to be saved before the cold weather that night, were cabbage, beans,

cucumbers, beets and peppers.

One of our best helpers was Fiona who loved green and ripe cherry tomatoes, along with countless other vegtables. She even danced for her treats. Now don't we have a talented goats?

Collecting the rest of the pumkins concluded our harvesting and we went off to dinner and a goods night sleep without any troubling dreams about the fruits in our garden freezing.

The next morning we awoke to a beautiful shimmering world, and Josiah who awaits the first frost with held breath anticipation, headed out into the frosty world to take pictures and enjoy himself.

Everything was a crispy white.

Everything was also slippery, Josiah was in heaven, I was not. He just had to slide down and across everything, and of course get me to do it too. Despite the slippery aspect I thoroughly enjoyed my time out in God's creation. Everything had a new clean crisp look, feel and smell to it. Even the air was fresh and invigorating.

We should be ever thankful to God for the changes in the season, for though God is unchangeable, he is a God of amazing variety, and each year I am reminded of this when the first frost cometh.