Friday, May 18, 2007

Day #1 Friends...and a new Home!

The day the papers were signed we met down the street at the Brysons for lunch and then headed down to our soon to be new house for a walk through. From there mom and dad left for the closing and us children went back down to the Brysons to wait for the call that we now were finally *home* .
The Brysons live in an old beautiful farm house with many barns and out buildings surrounding it on ten acres. Attached to the old cow barn is the silo. Upon seeing that you could climb up the inside of this tall pillar Josh quickly ascended and peered out over the top!

Quite the view I'm sure.

All the young people went for a walk around their meadow, enjoying the view and the beauty of God's creation!

This picture of Josiah walking down the road is most puzzling.
Doesn't he look like a giant?!

When we got the call telling us to go over to our new house, the majority of us started on the1/4-1/2 mile walk down the lovely dirt road while Mr. Bryson and Daniel drove their mowers down to help us clean up the long neglected yard! *Thank you Brysons!*

Our new neighbors - A red winged Black bird and a crow greeted us from their perches on our huge play scape!

Our beautiful Lilac bush was in full bloom and gorgeously sending forth it's delightful fragrance. As the cleaning begun some of the girls helped pick bunches of the flowers and placed them in jars and vases and put them all throughout the house!

Unfortunately lilacs are not known to last more than a day, but we sure did enjoy them and the lovely fresh aroma they produced!
~More pictures and posts to cleaning and unpacking comes first around here! Sorry!