Thursday, September 09, 2010

An update from Kevin.

One or so weeks before My people inconsiderately left for Texas, I, Kevin was hopping around in the garden not paying attention to my surroundings and all in all being way to friendly, when a person picking beans stepped back to survey their work and landed on ME! The poor unsuspecting bird. I was not mortally wounded, but my sustained injuries were as follows: Half of tail feathers- missing, Right leg- broken above the elbow, Pride and Self respect- totally crushed.

So they grabbed me and took me to the infirmary, held me down and....

much to the damage of my dignity, fixed a splint and cast firmly upon my leg. My adoring people were quite concerned about their darling little birdy while they were gone, but my care takers who stayed here with me assured them that I was doing fine.

Upon their returned I demanded they remove the bandage, and they complied much to my relief, and soon (mainly because of my insistence) they were forced to release me out side to be a free flying bird once again. Phew! At first it was a bit painful for me to place much wait upon the injured leg and it did not grip very well.

But now I am happy to report that my leg is practically completely healed, and I can almost use it to the full extent, especially when there is a peanut involved=).

I promise to keep you updated on my important self, as I know that really is the only reason you look at this blog thing. So long for now - signed KEVIN.

Wherein Kevin Takes a Bath

Checking out the "new" birdbath.

Testing the waters.


Enough for now.

Drying out in the sun.