Monday, June 30, 2008

More Pictures...Finally!!!

Sorry for not posting for a while. As you can see, we were finally able to get into blogger this morning, which has been impossible to do lately because of not being able to sign in! So much has happened and so many pictures have been taken so I hope to be able to share just a glimpse of what the very busy Sauves have been doing lately!
For God's glory!
~The Blog Mistress (Grace)

To start it off here are Faith and Christianna modeling some of the adorable articles of childrens clothing that we get to work with every week when we volunteer at the Lapeer Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center.

Me (Grace, just in case you didn't know that!lol) working on putting up the gazebo on our lovely "new" deck!

The finished product! A lovely spot to sit in the morning for devotions or gather as a family in the evening!

Thank you Mr. Bryson for making these wonderful custom stringers for the steps!

On the finished steps with friends!

Through the garden arch way! God is blessing abundantly and all the plants are growing beautifully!


A cute little kitten at the last softball game...

...A cute dog wanting to eat the cute little kitten!

Stopping to rest, this little fella alighted on a friends shoulder and I was obliged to take his picture.
Base Hit!

Wow! Our last game (not of the season) was a heart thumper! It was so close that by the end of it all, our whole bench and bleachers were screaming at the top of our lungs!

Happy player!

Here I am working on the picture poster for Joshua's graduation!

Ok, so don't laugh too hard...but while out shopping I found these "crazy HUGE" sun glasses!

Yes I actually allowed myself to put this picture on the blog! (What was I thinking!!)

This chunky guy showed up in our garage the other day...Josiah was happy to show him to our garden where we have the perfect accommodations for just his kind!

...and last but not least here is the little red barn (which you can read more about it by continue to scroll down).
Well, that's all for now folks! Stay tuned though as there is so much more to come with Josh's graduation and open house that was on Saturday!

The Little Red Barn

Once upon a time there was a little barn that was not red at all. It was, in fact, a very weathered, very dull, very forlorn looking blue/grey color.
We finally took pity on the poor thing and decided to give it a face lift. The white trim came first. Now you could see the cute little barn-like "X" on the front doors. But we didn't have any red paint. . . . .

. . . so our dear friend Mr. Bryson came to our rescue and offered us his left over "Barn Red" paint that he had used for his chicken coop! Being a master barn painter, he came over to show us how it was done. We are so thankful for his help and for the use of his paint! It sure was tricky painting in between those "X's!"
Here we are hard at work. (in the HOT June sun!)

A Happy Barn painter.

Our friend Theresa came over and helped us finished the back and east side of the barn. Thanks to all the help and hard work, we were able to finish the whole thing in one day!

And there is the Little Red Barn!
~ the happy painter