Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The last couple of days...

Baby enjoys sitting up high and has taken advantage of our slide platform.

Last Thursday Uncle Tim and Aunt Carmen came over for dinner and a fun sledding time! Here are the twins. Can you guess who is older? =)
Wee!!! Tia had a blast!

Ten point run! Yahoo!



Josh and Grace having fun watching the hilarious sliders!

Tio and Dewey "Burrr!"
Stickers, paper, scissors and lots and lots of pictures means...


Ok so we're behind a year, but its been great looking back at 2006 as our family has been putting together a scrapbook this past week or so! I haven't counted the pages yet but I sure hope it will all fit in our album as we have creatively cataloged nearly 400 some pictures!!
Boo hoo our slide is gone! =( On Monday it started to thaw and thaw and thaw! Until our back yard looked like this yesterday! As we watched the water rise throughout the day, "Lily Spring Island" came to mind and using the canoe to get to the compost pile wasn't far from our minds!

Baby loves water and it was great seeing her out there enjoying herself after being frightfully sick just a couple weeks ago. She is totally better now and acting like her perky self again!

Faith out wading in our garden!

Well, instead of using our canoe, Josiah used some of our log discs and made a little bridge to the compost pile. The only problem was that they kept trying to float away! =)
Though we don't particularly care for all the water on our land, we are thankful for God's blessings of safely as our power has not gone out and our basement is still dry!