Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Proclaiming God's Word Loud and Clear

Glo-ry to God, glo-ry to God in the high-est! That is what we sang and what we gave last Sunday afternoon in Marlette, Michigan. As Charity shared on her October 27 post, we have been practicing for this event since September 18. We have sung scripture before but Handel's Messiah doesn't compare to any other arrangements. In it we sing so many wonderful truths from God's word and repeat them so much that we can't help but get the message!

A week before, we sang three of Handel's songs for a senior home near us. Kathy Scott so graciously played the piano for us as we started out with "And the Glory of the Lord" from Isaiah 40:5. Without accompaniment, we sang "O Thou that Tellest Good Tidings to Zion" from Isaiah 40:9. We finished up with the Hallelujah chorus which comes from Revelations 19:6, 11:15, and 19:16. Although the thirty or more seniors in attendance didn't stand, many of them mouthed or sang the words with us. There were some who enjoyed it so much that they had to wipe away a few tears.

The performance Sunday afternoon was a big success! The place was packed and chairs had to be added to the center isle. What a blessing it was to have mom's Aunt Myrt and Uncle Warren, and also her sister, our Aunt Carmen and Uncle Tim come (the latter was a surprise!) and hear us sing! The orchestra, choir and soloists all did a wonderful job and God's word was proclaimed loud and clear! May the LORD be praised as we anticipate and practice for next years performance!

(Many of the pictures are courtesy of Allison Marshall, due to the fact that our photographer was in the choir).

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The orchestra in getting ready, with some last minute tips from our conductor Nancy. Posted by Picasa

The Violinists. Posted by Picasa

The altos. Posted by Picasa

Listening to a soloist. Posted by Picasa

Charity singing soprano. Posted by Picasa

The Sauve family singers at Kinghaven Senior home. Posted by Picasa