Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Artistic Boy=)

Saturday morning we had what Josiah calls in duck "Oh Boy" Waffles. Otherwise known as waffles with strawberry sauce and whip cream. Josiah always being a creative thing, wasn't satisfied with a neat plop of whip cream on his waffle.

No, he had to spread and shape his whip cream into this lovely pumpkin in honor of the season.

Later that morning I was cooking up one of our pumpkins and left the top with the stalk laying on the counter. Josiah seeing quite a lot of flesh underneath the "handle" and not wanting anything to go to waste, cut it off and set to work.

Pumpkins being on the mind, he decided that would be his objective.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, he did not stop until his work was the perfect replica of a half 3D pumpkin, complete to the grooves on the vine. Talented fellow isn't he?

His older sister wanted to get in on the fun too and created this slightly not so 3D perfect, horse head.


The goats winter abode.

As the days got colder, we decided to move the goats pen a wee bit closer to the house and prepare the ground where their old pen was for squash next year.

First we moved out the incredibly heavy, back breaking, goat shed. Then we moved all the posts and fences.

The old pen area.

Our chickens were out and were very intent on watching and "helping". This is the impressive Goliath, one of our young roosters.

Everything must be precisely perfect=)

Robin demurely looking on.

Mean while the goats waited "patiently" for us to finish.

Notice the annoyed expression on her face.

Hanging the gate. Almost done!

Dear "Cheep Cheep" tried out the roof of the shed.

When we let the girls back in, Fiona had to check out everything.

After taking a while to sniff around, the goats gave their approval on the new arrangements.