Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Breakfast...Yummm!!

This past Saturday morning's breakfast was just a little different from the usual, though for sure nothing dis-likable, but most delightfully scrumptious and well worth doing again!

Faith was the breakfast cook this time and instead of the usual waffles or pancakes she decided to try something new. First course was a cup of deliciously refreshing orange/grapefruit juice and -of her own creation- 8 of her crystal parfait/cocktail glasses were layered with yogurt- with a light lemon flavor- and fresh sugar dusted strawberries!

The second(and last) course was a delectable dish, the recipe for which was from an old Detroit Times cookbook with a few alterations. It was called Southern Corn Pone - kind of like cornmeal flapjacks, these tasty fried flat cakes were simply mouth-watering accompanied with maple syrup! Yum!!

Thanks Faith for such a refreshing and delightful start to that day!