Friday, October 25, 2013

The Chicken and the Egg

This, is Cosette.  She is one of the chicks we hatched out ourselves this spring, and she is absolutely gorgeous!

Her mother is a sweet French Blue Copper Marans, named Clairette, who lays dark chocolate brown eggs. Cosette gets her beautiful blue-grey feathering, and feathered legs from her mother.

Her father was a mean tempered but stunningly feathered Splash Easter Egger named Rusty whose ancestors and relations laid blue eggs.  Cosette inherited her voluminous beard, her rust colored necklace, and other rusty shading from her father.

 So the reason behind all this somewhat boring and obscure lineage of our chicken (I know you thought I was going insane) is that Cosette, whose official breed would be an Olive Egger, just started laying eggs.  They are a beautiful olive/sagey green color.   .  .   Okay it depends who you ask, Faith says they're pukey green.... :P  

~ Chs

PS. and for those that are still interested in random chicken facts, the egg is actually blue with a brown over coating, so if you scratch it.. you see blue!... alright, I'm all done. :D