Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, John!

Yesterday marked another milestone birthday in the Sauvé family. John Baptiste Sauvé turned 18 on January 18th 2006.
Having a 6'3'' young man who doubles as body guard for a brother sure is nice. But John's got brain to go with that brawn! He gives the credit to Henty's extensive writings for his love and knowledge of History. He is always willing (and able, I might add) to answer the questions of his historically challenged sister, and thrives on energetic "discussions" about the War between the States. (as most of you know:-) His mathematic skills are also quite impressive. Besides the fact that he actually seems to enjoy difficult arithmetic, he chose to take (and pass) the Mathematics exam for his first try at the CLEP tests. Today, he took and passed his second test, this time on American Goverment. Way to go John!:)
But as the Scripture says, "What profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?" It is the Spiritual life that really makes a man a man, and John's love for the Lord and His Word is the real defining point in his life. He has an answer for the hope that is within him. In the last year, he has really grown in his knowledge of Biblical doctrines and in his ability to explain and defend them. We are proud of you John, and pray that you will continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord, and be used mightily by God to help revive our nation in coming years!

Happy Birthday, John!

Love your big/little sister,

John and his guitar!
Just this past year he was able to purchase this instrument for an unbelievable price and after a little fix up started taking lessons from Grace. Though the going can be slow and the fingers might be sore, hopefully in the end the practice will pay off and another musician will be added to our ranks!Posted by Picasa

The Unchangeable Changer

A single leaf, a lonely flower,
They fade and fall so fast.
The days go by, each passing hour
We search for things that last.

The seasons come and go with speed
Each has its own allure.
We strive to meet our daily need
And wonder what is sure.

Time rolls on, our lives pass by,
We grow and learn and find,
That though we work and grasp and try
We only change our mind.

But there is One whose awesome power
Controls each star, each man.
He changes hearts, but is Himself
Unchangeable in word or plan.

So perfect in His holy will
He has no need to change.
But dead in sin, man needs Him still
Our fallen lives to re-arrange.

O Changeless One, come search my soul
And mold it to Thy ways!
May holy conduct be my goal
Thy steadfast love my praise!

Prepare me for the finish line
when all Your sons will see
You face to face, Your love divine
And finally changeless be!