Friday, November 11, 2011


This morning we woke up to one of the miracles of God's ever changing world.
Yesterday (when Mumsie, Faith and I were at the Pregnancy center where we volunteer) large fluffy flakes began to cascade from the gray sky, turning the world, as we saw it, into one giant beautiful snow globe.  One thing I have noticed about snow, is how silent it is.  Just try walking down your driveway/road during the next snow.  Everything is muffled and dim.  Soft, and gentle.
While I did not have my camera with me when I was marveling at this winter's first snow flakes, Charity (back home) did! So I will be sure to post her pictures later, as well as some photos I captured this morning, as Sadie Josiah and I played in the dusting of snow left behind last night.  I will ever marvel at God's changing seasons, and the joy and wonder each brings.  I am ever grateful for snow, a