Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring is Here!!!!

About a week ago we were beyond delighted to observe with our very own eyes a few papa Red- winged Blackbirds!!! A sure sign that spring was fairly on its way here.

So you can imagine with what ecstasies we welcomed the first Robin just this morning!

Now with the Crocuses poking their wee little heads up out o' the earth, and the merry Robin chortlin' in the tree, we all ken for sartin that spring is graidly here at last.

Grace's Birthday Celebration

We began the "party" around noon and continued in a relaxed manner for the rest of the day. =)

As always we started out with cards, one being the highly prized artistic card from our Aunt Kathy.

She received her very own fluffy towels and a new mug. (I guess her colors are now Turquoise and Lime Green;)

Another one of her gifts was a new set of her absolutely favorite game. Dutch Blitz! She is one of the best players that I know.

Desert was quite a sumptuous affair. As usual Grace deviated from our normal shaped cakes, and settled for a Trifle this year.

Pieces of her favorite moist chocolate cake, were surrounded by layers of rich pudding (both vanilla and chocolate) and sometimes enlivened by a thick sprinkling of crushed Oreos. The entire bowl was topped with whipping cream and dusted with Oreo crumbs.
Anyone Hungry?? :P