Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Pictures or No Pictures...

...That is the question!
Due to gobs and globs of pictures that I post on our blog, we are now out of photo storage space!!! Ahhhh!!!
Ok so Blogger has this ridiculous set up with Picasa that every picture that I post is saved onto a web album and if I delete it off of that album, it is then deleted off of the blog. Ridiculous!
So we have a dilemma. To PAY for more space...or start another blog....or link off of another photo site (if that would even work).

Therefore, until we can figure out what to do (Prayerfully decide), I will not be able to post any more pictures on this blog.

Until further notice....

The very frustrated and distraught Blog Mistress

The end of Softball Season- 2008

Monday was the last Softball game for Josh and Dad. It was greatly anticipated with excitement and yet with regret that the season was over. Though this was the last game and we were unbeaten for the whole season, God determined that this would be our humility game and we closed out the series 14-1-1. Ending as the #1 team in the league of Church teams, Josh and Dad were very grateful to be able to play with the Baptiste Church of Hadley team and Lord willing, look forward to playing next year! To God be all the glory!
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