Saturday, April 21, 2007

Elizabeth Park...once more

As mentioned in the last post, one of the special parts of Joshua's birthday was being able to go fishing at Elizabeth Park. Though he didn't catch anything, he and Josiah had a fun time trying their different lures and enjoying the beautiful weather and great outdoors!

Of course I had my camera with me (though I'm kicking myself for not bringing along my 35mm as the aperture is a lot better on it than the digital...oh well) and so while the boys fished Christianna and I had fun!

Well equipped. Tackle box, Fishing rod and a jug of refreshing Lemonade!

..oh yes, and worms!

A worm eater.

As I was walking along the river all of the sudden a little shadow passed over the ground and I heard the soft twittering of a tiny bird. I looked and looked and finally spotted him, the friendly little fellow just sat there, letting me get this picture of him. Sorry about the branches in the way, but he was pretty far up and I was trying to get a good shot of his head to make sure it was really what I thought it was : a Golden Crowned Kinglet!

Later on we headed over to the 'big' river (Detroit).

[Christianna took this picture]

Praise God for a glorious afternoon spent in enjoying His beautiful creation! His works are wonderful!